SunStone Design LLC provides landscape architectural design and construction services 

tailored to your lifestyle.




"We're dedicated to creating effective and inspiring gardens - spaces that make people fall in love with their homes. We also recognize opportunities to make our projects environmentally responsible - no extra charge." - Jason Yocum, Owner 


We offer a superior level of skill and service that makes us unique.

- EXPERT DESIGN      Design work is performed by a licensed landscape architect, providing a level of design uncommon for residential landscape projects. SunStone Design is not just about plants. We believe in a holistic approach to site design, analyzing all pertinent conditions on your site including drainage, viewsheds, soils, solar orientation, and any site specific constraints or opportunities. No matter what your budget, if you don't start out with a great design you won't be happy with the finished product.

- HIGH LEVEL OF SERVICE      We work closely with you to understand your needs and guide you through the design of your site. Clients are encouraged to have the level of involvement they choose for the creation of their project. We will only deliver design and construction services that are tailored to our clients' needs. And because we are a design/build company, we make it very convenient and cost effective to arrive at a built project.

- ENVIRONMENTALLY SENSITIVE      SunStone Design implements green building practices in all our projects.  From water conservate design and technologies to using local materials and site-appropriate plant species, it IS easy being green.  AND it's cost effective too.  Let us show you how!

- WORK GUARANTEE      We stand behind our work.  We warrantee most aspects of construction for 1 year, minimum.  And we win nearly all of our work from happy clients who refer SunStone Design to their friends and family.