WINTER 2016/17

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WINTER WATERING: Especially crucial for newly planted materials and evergreens.

The Winter season is historically our driest time of year here in the Front Range.  Because irrigation systems are shut down for the season, it is up to us to manually provide the water necessary to help these plants survive until spring-time precipitation takes over. Hook up the hose to bring water to those plants that need it (don't forget to disconnect the hose again when you're done so your pipes don't freeze).

The general rule for trees is to provide 10 gallons per each inch of trunk diameter. Most shrubs will need around 1-5 gallons per plant. Wait for a day when temperatures approach 50 degrees and there is no snow cover. Water is best applied early to midday, so moisture can soak in well before freezing temperatures resume. Doing this about once a month during the winter season can make all the difference to ensure a healthy landscape in the new year!

For more information about winter watering recommendations, see CSU's horticultural extension website at


In Colorado there are some limitations to how you can use the rain that falls on your property.  However, there are legal ways to direct and utilize that water.  Water rights laws are beginning to change ever so slowly in our state.  Learn about the latest Colorado water law changes that happened in 2009.


This is a great program in which I've participated for years, that distributes street trees to Denver residents in April. That may sound like a long way off, but the deadline for submitting an application is February 15, and the sooner your application is received, the better your chance of receiving the tree species you've selected.

Street trees will be provided FREE to residents in 23 target neighborhoods in Denver that have been identified as having lower than average tree coverage. My neighborhood, Sunnyside is one such target area, and I am organizing a concentrated effort this year to get the word out to folks who want to take advantage of the Denver Digs Trees program! In addition I will be taking Site Inspector training to help applicants determine the best location for their new trees.

Attached is all the information you'll need to participate including the application form for one or more street trees. If you're interested in getting YOUR neighbors involved and beautifying your own neighborhood, let me know and I'll get you started in the right direction. It's a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors and take action toward improving your city!

See the Park People website for more info:


According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, research has shown that a lot with trees adds about 7% to the sale price of the property.  That's a $17,500 increase for a $250,000 home!  


SunStone Design has appeared on episodes of the national television program "Sweat Equity" on the DIY Network.  See the DIY Network's website links below for 'how-to' articles and show times!

Curb Upheaval - Episode DSEQ-111,3110,DIY_27280_50465,00.html


Plant a tree this season.  It's a good investment on many levels, from providing shade and reducing home cooling costs, to creating oxygen and helping mitigate the effects of carbon dioxide.  For more information on tree planting, here are a couple links:

CSU's Cooperative horticultural extension -

Denver's Forestry Department -

For some interesting facts on the benefits of trees, click here -